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Posted by on 26 October


Married to this man for over 40 years. He told me 4 years ago that he has been screwing other woman for 15 of those years. No sex with me...
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Posted by on 26 October


My husband was operated on his nose at the beggining of the week, quick in and out op with 7-10 day recovery. I’ve felt sick to my stomache all week...
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Posted by on 23 September

Volcano of Shit

I hate my husband! He’s a volcano of shit. He is full of shit and he often erupts leaving nothing but shit and destruction all around him. We’ve been married...
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I love him BUT!!
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06 August

I love him BUT!!

I love him but his temper. He works hard and makes money. He sits in his chair when not working but somehow spends his entire paycheck in 2 days. I...
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