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Posted by on 30 March

Wife is a dreamkiller

I make 2/3 of the money and I’m currently working on a side business that will eventually not just replace but eclipse what I make in my current job and...
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I don’t know why I stay….
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21 March

I don’t know why I stay….

Guest Wrote: I’ve been in a relationship with this man almost two years and if there was something not to do in a relationship he’s done it. He’s lied cheated...
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Posted by on 02 March


Guest wrote: I hate my husband so very much just want to close my eyes and when I open my eyes I want him dead……God plz take me out of...
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Hooked up with mother in law
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29 February

Hooked up with mother in law

I’ve lusted over my MIL for past 15 years, it was bad, masturbated to her pics, thought about her during sex ect. Yet the taboo behind it always reminded me...
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Husband is a Fraud
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05 January

Husband is a Fraud

Met husband in mid 20’s and he was exciting at the time. Married him in late 20’s. Even before we married he was running off with another woman…but I married...
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