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Posted by on 12 July

Can Living apart but staying married work?

My wife and I are planning on living apart, but staying married. We drive each other crazy on a daily basis and need our own space. Our one child will maintain primary residence with my wife. The plan is to each have our child every other weekend, and because we are planning on living in the same town, during the week we will both get to see our child. We still plan on spending some family time together, as well as major holidays. I am curious if there are others out there who maintain this
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bitch bitch bitch, oh yeah and bitch some more!
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27 June

bitch bitch bitch, oh yeah and bitch some more!

Im a 27 year old disabled father of 21 month old twins! Boy and girl! There about the only love and joy I get outta life anymore, because there mother just complains about every damn thing imaginable! It starts right from the minute I get up! She works, and I can't, and the days she's gone to work are the days I like alot, cause its just the kids and I home by ourselves and Is nice and peaceful! WghWhat should I do, for her to chill out a bit?
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Husband Cheating on me Since 2007
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25 October

Husband Cheating on me Since 2007

I am very hurtful and feels that I am betrayed by the man I love when i discovered him cheating on me again and again since 2007. What disturbed me most is that his latest affair last 2010(until now). I saw a picture of them with his mistress cuddling each other posted by his mistress facebook's account with a tag "with my special someone". Every time i confronted him, he will just get mad at me. I can not talk to him regarding that matter because he does not want to discuss and just tell that i
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Posted by on 07 October

Incarcerated and wife found out he has a baby on the way

A month ago my husband was arrested and he had some other girl coming to see him and out money on his books and she was texting me really mean and hurtf things so I decided to quit going to see him or talking to him on the phone. Well during this time I find out he has a baby on the way with someone that was supposed to be my bestfriend until he was cause ghat fooling around with her 6 or 7 months ago. How Do we work this out and why do I already love this baby. I just found out and she is 6 mon
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Posted by on 07 October

How do you stop your husband from cheating with out an argument

My husban has been cheeting on me for how long I don't know at least 3 days he leaves to go to a bar around 3 pm and does not get home till 6am the. Next day a girl called the house at 1:30 am and left a message on our answering machine saying were are you I need a ride home and I need something out of you truck then she called again and I told her to stop calling and she said I need him to take me home she was drunk so I hung up she called again and said your husban has been going out with me
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Posted by on 24 August

I think I hate my husband, but can’t bring myself to leave.

My husband and I have been married 3 years and have a 2 year old daughter. I hate almost everything about him. He threatens me, I often feel that he is a deadbeat, and he never listens to a single thing I say. He is emotionally and physically abusive. I feel like I know I need to leave, but can't. About 2 years ago, when our little girl was a newborn, he threatened me, threw stuff at me and tried to attack me. I called the police and tried to file a restraining order the next day but everything
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Posted by on 19 July

How to cope with an ex-girlfriend?

Before I meet my husband, he was in a relationship where they had no kids but dogs, based on what he has told me, she treated him horribly. We have been married for three years and during that time she has been decent to him and allow him to see "her" dogs. It has always bothered me that he never wanted me to go with him to share the time with him, his response was, I don't want to mess that up with her, after thousands of fights, he assures me nothing is there, but fast forwarding to now, to pr
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