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Posted by on 17 July

Husband has a cheating history

Married over 35 years. What i know is Husband cheated right before our wedding day, 10 yrs later and again late last year. After last incident he got tested and was told he has an STD. I got tested and do not. I'm financially independent and an extrovert which he is neither. Part of the problem, I'm sure. No children at home. Having a hard time making a decision if I should stay or not. I can't bring myself to go to counseling YET AGAIN, to hear how we could turn this to benefit our marr
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Posted by on 15 June

Completely out of sync… advice please

Here's some context, my wife and I have been married almost 6 years. We married in our early 20's. For some time prior our sex life became routine and predictable. In the years to follow it has all but dried up. This sounds like a state couples typically experience much later in life/their relationship. It has been rocky, bringing it up only starts a fight. I have desires when it comes to sex that she is completely unwilling to satisfy. Both ways, things I'd like to do and things I'd like her
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Posted by on 03 January

A married man & his mistress..who do I believe?

I have been married for over 11 years. We have already been separated twice. The first time he said I was cheating on him because I woul d always go out while he was out of town & I ended up making out with this stupid guy. Which I regret and stopped before it got any further. After getting back together he never trusted me again always said I was cheated...which I never did. He ended up trying to cheat by giving his number out and texting other girls. I didn't know how.far it far and left.
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Posted by on 31 December

husbands friend trying to split us up

I don't really know where to start... my husband started seeing an old friend about 6 months ago this old friend also happens to be an ex of mine and was nasty and cheated on me when we where together. so this friend moves back to where we live has no where to say as his family have disowned him for causing trouble with them so my husband being nice said he could stay with us I wasn't happy about it. So he gets here and all I hear him talking about is how all the girls he meets are hot and in h
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Posted by on 27 December

How to deal with wife’s family?

To put it simply, I can't stand my wife's family. Her mother still thinks we shouldn't have gotten married. Her father thinks I won't be able to support my wife and my baby girl. And her brother is always distant with me. We've been married 4 years now, but nothing has changed in that time. I've talked to my wife about it before, but she brushes it off like it's not a problem, even though the tension is always palpable at family functions. The last year, I just use work as an excuse not to go to
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Posted by on 12 October

I’m trapped. Please help.

I'm at the end of my rope. I married my sweetheart 22 years ago, I'm 43 and she is 42. So much has change in our lives and I know with time comes change but not this much and like this. We have two kids. My son is now 18 and my daughter is 13. My wife wanted to be a doctor so I worked 3 jobs for nearly 3 years to pay for her school. She is very smart but on her last year of college before she started medical we got pregnant with our son. It was a blessing and I was really happy and proud. A
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Posted by on 15 September

Husband manages stress by excessive sleep and tv watching for weeks on end

I have a difficult time when my husband deals with his stress by sleeping a lot and watching a lot of tv. He thinks I should give him the space to be who he is. He is 60 pounds overweight and has no motivation to diet or exercise. He has been this way for our entire marriage, 27 years. Every month or so he will escape like this for weeks at a time, even months. He still provides for his family and feels he has fulfilled his obligation to his family and he should be left alone. I feel I have loss
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Posted by on 27 August

My wife left me for her ex boyfriend doing three life sentences

my wife left me after 13 years of marriage, for her ex-boy friend doing three life sentences. we are a blended family. two girls one boy. the oldest daughter is not my biological daughter but look past. mom tries to force her into a relationship with this man. any suggestion anyone. i feel like im losing it.
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