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sex drive

my man is 55 he says that he does not think about sex very much anymore,can this be true?
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have child for my sister husband

**Update: As it turns out this was a spam submission. We should have detected this immediately but did not. We fell for obvious BS; but we're leaving the post up anyway as it's at least interesting fiction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The BS spam submission ... My name is Ramya. I am 25 years old. My sister is 5 years older than me. She had married bef
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HOW TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE with abnormal relationship

I'm 56 married man with kids. I love my wife, I had a a n a l and o r a l s e x with my male classmate since i was 16 year old, most of the time i was the receiver person and we still seen each other from time to time (2-3 time per year at the present) despite we both married. I got turned on and aroused when my friend started talking dirty about my wife and specially when he rubbing his **** in her underwear. I confused between him and my wife, I can not stop my self thinking about him making
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Husband’s fantasies, how do I feel confident?

So I had this nagging feeling to ask my husband if he thinks about other women while pleasuring himself. He always said no, but I knew he wasn't being honest. Finally one day he admitted to having dreams about other women and then using his dreams as fantasies while masturbating. I made him tell me who some of the women were. Now I'm just wracked with horrible thoughts and immense jealousy, but I want to get rid of these feelings. I'm trying to be understanding and realize that it has no bearing
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Posted by on 20 July

Does my cousin want sex with my husband???

I have posted more details in another post about this situation but since it was a long post I know the chances getting a reply would be slim so I decided to post again my most major concern about this problem I have and hopefully someone can reply :)) Long story short: I have my first cousin who she has been lusting after my husband. I use the word 'lusting' 'coz now I will simply trust my instict since she has been flirty with him from day one. Her flirting was indirect at first but as ti
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Internet Mad

I knew my husband was on porn site and things but i found out that he not only chats with these women but ask them to have phone sex with him. He sends them picture of his body and he ask them to do the same. While i'm at work he is on these site talking with these women. I cant even get him to send me a whole message let alone call to see how nite is going at work. He claims he has to do something because he be so bored. He has went so far as to have two facebook pages. He keeps his phone clos
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Posted by on 27 June

Husband stole my card out of my wallet

My husband needed money, he's currently not working. So instead of asking me for my card, he went into my wallet and took my card. Im the only one working and he doesn't do anything, right now. The way found out was when i checked my account, when i looked it was done twice without my knowledge. When i asked him he admitted it with no problem. So upset that the one person i love will do this. Then, i tried talking to his mother and she had the nerve to hang up on me.
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Posted by on 28 May

Can I sue my husbands mistress who he left me and the kids for?

Can I sue my husbands mistress? Just alittle over 2 weeks ago my husband didnt come home. We have 3 kids 18 , 6, and a 8 month old. I been with him for 20 years and married 18. I always been a stay at home mom and work very little part time in some years. He said he has been seeing someone else for a few months now. the thing is i had no idea he was still doing things together,saying i love you, making future plans for another baby vacations,summer, and still were very active sex life. The women
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Posted by on 26 April

My husband says I think about sex way more than he does… could this really be true?

My husband is sick and tired of me accusing him of looking and and fantasizing over other woman. He says that not every man is wired that way and he thinks that I think about sex way more than he does. Could this really be true? He says that I don't understand him because I'm to primative. I catch him taking a double look at a beautiful woman and he gets defensive and says that he doesn't even process what he's doing or thinking about. He also claims that I talk about sex more than his guy frien
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Pregnant with best friends husband

My friend started dating a girl that is pregnant by her best friends husband. She does not want her friend to know so she is telling everyone that it is my friends baby. My friend just recently divorced and is still hurting over it. Meanwhile, he says it is okay if she wants to say the baby is his. Do you think that she should tell her friend the truth? Do you think it is right for her to tell everyone that my friend is the daddy?
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