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Posted by on 10 April

Restoring marriage balance after baby

My wife and I had a very healthy relationship before our first kid. We both worked full time, we split chores pretty evenly, and we accepted each other's flaws and did our best to compensate for them. As our daughter has gotten older, though, my wife has become more and more demanding while giving less and less. It's at the point where she's basically got two moods: angry/annoyed at me and constantly nitpicking everything I do as not being good enough, or sad/needy and constantly demanding
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Posted by on 27 February

Should I mention it? How do I mention it?

My husband is an older man with 3 children in their early/mid twenties and one sixteen year old, all from previous relationships. I have two children from a previous marriage. This is about my ten year old. I made it very clear that it was important that my then finacee have a positive influence on my son. My husband seemed like such the gentleman, a man who knew his position. His touch was gentle and he was always very mindful of me and my needs. I wanted my son to learn those qualities and
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Posted by on 12 November

Long time affair

My husband had a 30 year affair in our 40 years of marriage. The mistress knew when she went after my husband we were married for almost 10 years and had 3 children. Can I bring any type of charges against her?
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Posted by on 16 October

I think my husband has a crush on his sister in law

"When she’s around he seems to come alive. He talks a lot, he laughs and acts like the happiest man in the world" Whenever he is with his family he is lively like a little kid looking for attention e.i., he injuried his foot with me not limping when with them he started limping. He also act like t
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Posted by on 09 September

Walking In When You’re Walking Out

About 3 weeks ago, I went home early, and caught my husband leaving. Packing up, loading up a Uhaul, the works.....I found out that he had secretly bought another home, had been shopping for his new home, and all the while he had been acting as if nothing was going on at our home. He would come come at the same time everyday, never got out of his routine, that is why I never noticed anything. He treated me the same loving way he always had, never skipped a beat. I am heartbroken, I feel bet
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