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Posted by on 19 August

Angry with my husband…

My husband and I are going through extreme growing pains and I am afraid we will not survive. He has always had an issue with respecting my opinions and feelings and things just seem to be getting worse. These days my husband can be very difficult. A lot of times I give in because it is easier to pacify him than to argue with him. In the beginning of our relationship he was a lot different. Since we have been together a while - he is getting progressively worse and I can not reason with
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Posted by on 23 July

Why wont my in laws stop relying on my husband

When i got with my husband he was living with his parents so i moved in. From the moment i got there they resented me. Did everything they could to break us up. My husband has always rescued his parents when it came to their finances. Right away things were terrible his parents would belittle me and set me up for failure. We didn't move because my husband had lent his father everything in our savings. This hell i lived went on for three years till we went our own way. Now my husband just started
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Posted by on 23 July

I think my husband has a crush on his female boss

My husband, 47, recently retained a position as a bartender at a nice restaurant/bar. My problem is, is that he is always talking about his female boss, a drop-dead gorgeous woman in her mid-thirties that all the men in the bar hit on constantly. A few days ago, I found out he took her on a boat ride around the local lake after she had served him lunch at her condo, all alone except for her 2 year old child who was taking a nap at the time. I only found out about it by accident, by friends wh
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Posted by on 21 July

Why does a husband/father at 52 want no obligation to anything?

husband left for the second time in 1 year to make more money he said. he walked out on 5 kids and me. I have supported him through 2 very long job lost. He did not tell us he was leaving until the night before. This time he came back and as I continued to put a roof over his head, a car to drive and food to eat. he apparently was lying about his pay checks and was putting a lot away to escape He was very loving towards me like there was no problem until i dug it out of him that something was up
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Posted by on 19 July

one time cheater

My husband likes to have threesomes. I dont.when we DID do that I agreed to bc he pretty much told me he was bored with our sex life and wanted to try something new.he would go as far as go on craigslist and find a casual encounter and set it up. I would be hesitant to agree but he would always just arrange it anyways seeing that I wasnt totally up for it.weve done it maybe ten times, always with another male. doesn't this fall under cheating on my part? But he allowed it.. I have had sex with a
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Posted by on 07 June

I dont love him anymore

We have been married for 13 years and from day one I knew it was doomed. However, bcuz of church and our three children I stayed. Off and on I have strayed but recently I find out I'm pregnant with another man's baby. I'm in love with this man but we wont ever be together becuz of our current setup. Just wanna leave but dont want to completely crush my husband. Not angry abt the baby, just need a way to tell my husband and leave.
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Posted by on 30 May

Husband says he need to go places by himself

All of a sudden after 30 years of marraige, l mean a wonderful maraige, l thought, 3 lovely kids, 10 cruises, high school sweet heart.. and even now he has not left nor spends a night away from home.. he just stated one day that why do l have to always go with him. my husband and l were like best friends, we have been married 30 years, don't get me wrong we have had some ups and downs throughout the thirty years but after a long period of time we worked them out and after 20 years here we go aga
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Posted by on 20 May

Is it ever ok to cheat when in a sexless marriage?

Yes, I have talked with him and he does not care! Married an older man who no longer has any interest. Have younger man who is. Is it wrong to have done as to me, I am meeting my husbands requirement of companion yet have some of my own requirements i would also like met.
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