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Wife hates daughter
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30 March

Wife hates daughter

My wife hates my daughter. She thinks I love my daughter more than I love her. When I think about it she’s right. My daughter came before her. it was...
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Posted by on 17 March

Lazy drunk bitch

Guest wrote: I hate her she’s a fat lazy c*nt. Drinks too much. Bipolar as f**k. Hits on her cousins husband. Started a emotional text relationship with him. Stayed out...
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wife is fat and lazy
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18 January

wife is fat and lazy

I have been living with the same dilemma. I do a search for “My wife got fat” looking for solutions and here I am. I was wondering if there was...
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Posted by on 11 January

Wife gone coo coo…

My wife wants me to stop drinking, cater to her lousy, gold digging family, be happy with BAD sex once every two weeks (if that), and has now scheduled me...
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Posted by on 04 December

Do people really change?

Married 20 years. Affection died within a year. The harping began. The moral superiority began. First child is born 2 years in. The “you are a scumbag loser and I...
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Posted by on 16 November

I feel taken advantage of…

I have been very fortunate in my career and I work long hours to provide for my family. We live in a 7000sf home, drive luxury cars, eat at the...
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