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    In the past in 2003 and prior my husband has had a few affairs. Recently I want to talk about them he’s ok talking about some of the affairs but I know he is still lying about a couple of them. I can’t help but feel that he is still covering up. Certain affairs he just won’t talk about it. I can’t help but feel like he is still hiding things from me. Trust is becoming an issue again! I told him back in 2003 after the last affair that every thing would have to be on the table for our marriage to work. Any suggestions that would help me gain his trust again


    Team Writer

    Your feelings are completely understandable; but what can you do? If your husband won’t come 100% clean there’s really nothing you can do as far as forcing his hand. I know you’re not looking for someone to tell you to just let it go; but that might be the only thing you can do is just let it go. Of course you can also move on with your life apart from your husband. That’s always an option; but assuming that’s not the direction in which you plan to head, what’s the benefit of holding on to it if your husband absolutely refuses to talk about it? All you’re doing is keeping the pain alive and the mistrust at the forefront of everything. Either he has to cave and talk or you have to cave and let it go. Which of these two things is easier and more likely to occur?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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