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    My husband doesn’t do enough for me to make me happy. He’s always busy working or taking care of the kids or doing things around the house. I think he doesn’t love me anymore.

    Back when we didn’t have any kids he would find time from his job and the housework to do things for me. He’s being selfish and only thinking about himself. We used to have fun dates and spend money on nice vacations but he says we don’t have enough money for that anymore.

    I’m thinking of divorcing him and finding a real man that will take care of me and give me the attention that I need.

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    Probably your husband thinks that by working, taking care of the kids and doing things around the house, he is trying his best to make you happy. Maybe it is more difficult to focus the same amount of time and attention on you now that you have children and all the responsibilities that come with raising a family. You might be able to find what you need in another man in the beginning, but what will you do when that relationship is also complicated by the addition of responsibilities that limit the amount of time and money your new man can afford to spend on indulging your need for happiness that you think only he can provide?



    So while he’s working, taking care of the kids, and doing things around the house, what do you do all day? Personally, I think you are one selfish broad! Here you have a good man who does all those things FOR BOTH OF YOU and all you do is whine about not going on vacation or out on a date night? And then you say you want to divorce him?Wow!! What have you done for him lately? You need to grow up and quit being so selfish.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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