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    It was a hot summer day in 1990. She came to our place with her parents. N****a was in grade 10th age 16 at that time. They used to visit us often. She was wearing a black dress with embriodery on it. While every onen else was in the room with air conditioner she and I went to my parent’s room. I sat on the floor cushionsn while she sat in my lap on my request. I pulled out my pen*s while she was sitting, though she didn’t know. I grabber her from the back to her boobs. This I did very gradually. I groped her boobs and fondeled with them from over her clothes. I released under her ass and her shalwar got wet. I pushed her out of my lap and was luckey enough to escape a interaction with her father in such bad condition who suddenly same in soon after I was in decent condition. Daughter of my dad’s best friend was compromised by me this way though I never saw her naked or f**ked her. She had one the softest boobs I ever touched. This happed three times with me. Sheh never resisted or showed any dislike for this. I wich I had gone further with her.

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