• I married a liar. How much do we know about the person we’re marrying? As much as that person tells us, right? Especially if there’s nobody to tell you facts from not-that-person perspective.
    So I fell in love, […]

  • Met my now husband years ago. He had a job, went to school, and seemed ambitious. However, after our marriage I noticed discrepancies in his stories and his finances. Turns out that he didn’t have a job that paid, […]

  • To The Liar I Chose To Marry:

    You have lied to me more times than I care to remember about various issues, the biggest one being your porn addiction.

    I told you when we were ‘dating’ that I could not be in […]

  • I’m at the end of my rope. We have been married 25 yrs this summer. This not wanting to do anything has been going on for at least 20 years. He has no problem saying yes to the guys when it comes to golf. We […]

  • I travel 126 miles each way to work everyday for a total of 262 miles and work 10 hours. I come home to a lazy bitch who doesnt cook, clean or take care of my two sons. she drops them off at her fat stupid mothers […]

  • I am so fed up with my husband’s antics. I’ve heard women complain about their husbands behaving like adult children before, but mine takes it to a new level. To the point where I am embarrassed to introduce him […]

  • guest wrote a new post, The end of us. 3 weeks ago

    Dear soul mate. I really thought you were the one, my last and the one to grow old with. I don’t know why I love you so much and why I didn’t leave when I found out that u where cheating on me with different […]

  • I can’t believe I can hate someone as much as I do him. So he had me falsely arrested and while in jail closed our joint account and basically starved me for a month. This is one of a million. This absolute waste […]

  • when we married she was 5’6″ and 135 pounds and very hot looking.she is now 220 pounds and has a 44″ waist. she won’t get naked because of it and don’t want sex unless the lights are off and that is only once […]

  • Dear Husband,
    We’ve been together for 18 years. When we met, I was picking up the pieces of a life that had blown apart. My son was dead. I had an 8-year old still depending on me. The man who killed my bady, […]

  • Background:

    I’m 32 and my wife is 31. We met at college and have been together for twelve years, married for five of those years. We have a fantastic two year-old son. She’s a white collar professional […]

  • So, I found on my husbands phone that he was looking PICTURES of naked old women. he was literally searching for “old woman hard sex” “very old woman anal sex” “75 years old woman hard sex” etc. Of course i found […]

  • My wife was thick when we met. She had a pretty big butt and was soft in her stomach area. She was 5’4″ and weighed about 160. Several years and 3 babies later she’s still 5’4″ and last year reached a total of […]

  • Hello all,

    On Valentine’s Day I found out my wife of 11+ years had been texting another man (who she works with). I am talking 4750 messages between them in 20 days. She had seemed distant for about a month […]

  • guest wrote a new post, My Bad 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I went through my husband’s text message with his “sister” who he describes to me as his soul mate.

    Note: My husband and I have an open policy where we can just go into each other’s phone. It was wrong of me […]

  • My sister stated my husband (when intoxicated) makes statements to her that make her feel uncomfortable. She can’t tell me how many times this has occurred just that it has happened. She has only told me: he […]

  • My wife is very posessive. She doesn’t let me hang out with my friends cause likes me to spend every waking moment with her and her dumb kid. She gets really mad when I talk to women that are more attractive then […]

  • My bitch of a wife and I got into a fight last night because she gives our 2 year old son everything he wants, and he is getting poised because of it. This morning, she decided she wasn’t coming on our trip to […]

  • My husband and I met and married when we were very young. We never had other romantic partners, and have been together many years now. We have five children.

    By chance I discovered that my husband was secretly […]

  • I caught my husband messaging someone off Craigslist for sensual massage back in October. Found a debit on his card from a massage parlor that’s known to offer happy endings in January. Don’t know what to do or […]

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