• My wife went to become a surrogate mom without my blessings…. so, in the court of law of I divorce her will I be entitled to some of the money she gets back for doing the surrogacy?

  • I have been with my wife for 3 years now about to be 4, This woman was GREAT at 1st… Then all of a sudden, her youngest at the time wanted her dad and her together so she split and left for 2 weeks stayed with […]

  • This might be the hardest thing that I’ll ever write. Wife of 10 years just told me that she is pregnant (11 weeks) as a result of a drunken night out with friends. She met somebody in the bar, had sex, doesn’t […]

  • I hate my husband so much. Then I love him. I wish I was strong enough to leave. But I’m such a loser, I can’t imagine him changing and being a good person to another women. That would kill me. So when he’s sober […]

  • My husband and I have been together for 8 years. I had two daughters before him and then we had a son together. We have a lot in common but we don’t. My husband is deeply addicted to sex with me. It’s because I […]

  • He’s a selfish loser asshole! When he leaves I secretly hope he gets in a wreck and dies so my daughter and I can be free of him. I quit working because I couldn’t stand the thought of my kid going to daycare […]

  • My husband and I have been together for 8 years. I had two daughters before him and then we had a son together. We have a lot in common but we don’t. My husband is deeply addicted to sex with me. It’s because I […]

  • I’ve been married a year and we have an infant. It’s amazing we have any sex life at all with what we’ve been through, but lately I’ve been wanting to get more oral. He loves blowjobs and orgasming from them bu […]

  • Hi, I’ve been married to my wife for 3 and a half years. I should of seen the warning signs but I thought it was just she loved me a lot. Out of 40 months together I’d say 10 were good. She picks fights with me […]

  • Divorce really isn’t an option for me as I have a child. I’m willing to take on the fact that I am not loved and without a partner to make sure that my daughter has everything she needs. It isn’t her fault for h […]

  • At my mom funeral my husband reach over to hug my sister then kissed heron the cheek I thought that was inappropriate.

  • guest wrote a new post, Spoiled Wife 12 months ago

    I found out I had married my wife, her father, her mother and her brother (brother lived with us). I worked part time and went to Bradley University part time. We had an argument, she asked/told me to leave and I […]

  • I pay full rent, personal bills; contribute to household finances (groceries, baby diapers, daycare, etc) and take us out on dates. She always nags me about not being home to help raise child. With the 2 jobs I […]

  • guest wrote a new post, cheating spouse 1 year ago

    3 years ago, my husband had an affair, he cheated with a woman who had him on child support for 8 years! at the time we found out the child was not his, and I guess he wanted answers, so they started back […]

  • guest wrote a new post, Disconnected 1 year ago

    After 18 years of marriage, my wife and I have grown apart. We still care a lot about each other, but it doesn’t feel like love anymore. Our relationship has been platonic for past six years, which has been very […]

  • I HATE my Husband so much i want him dead. He uses everyone he can. He plays the poor me I am old and have health problems. But in real life he makes mine and my kids lives a living hell. He can not hold a job for […]

  • I don’t have a wife. I have a mother who has taken me as her life partner. She has attached herself to me like crazy glue. She lives with me in my house. I pay the rent, we split the utilities. My mother has lived […]

  • My husband and I have been married for 2 years, together a total of 6. I have an 8-year-old child from a previous relationship.

    In person, my husband is the best husband ever. He is caring, sweet, respectful, […]

  • My wife and I spent two days at a resort in Zanzibar. I know she took a liking to the hotel manager and he to her, but it was too late for it to progress. Now she has suggested we go back to the same place for a […]

  • Yes, I am married to the best!
    He managed to get our checking acct down to 31 dollars.
    I feel so whole n complete. Now I have to pull more money out of our savings to get it back to a reasonable amount.
    I will […]

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