• Dear husband,

    When we were dating, you used to tell me all the time how strong I was, how much you believed in me, and how you couldn’t wait to be a part of my life. Your encouragement made me want to become […]

  • My Husbands Daughter who has not had contact with him for over 30 years.  She is 32 years old and contacted him out of the blue. They now are in contact non-stop ya know talk, text and email all day long, 24/7. […]

  • 18 years together and 2 amazing young kids. Had so many experiences – laughter and tears. She lied when I had suspicions, but then late one night I found the texts on her phone. We had the typical difficulties so […]

  • I love him but his temper. He works hard and makes money. He sits in his chair when not working but somehow spends his entire paycheck in 2 days. I try to talk to him about nice things but he’s too busy watching […]

  • My husband is a real winner…I’m 4 months pregnant with our second child and today he felt the need to say I’m getting chunky. When I was pregnant with our first, his mother would make comments on how my ass […]

  • My wife is so lazy that she only washes her hair once a week or longer sometimes. Her hair f**kin stinks bad and she doesn’t bathe for days. She is so dam lazy that it pisses me off 2 no end. She does work but […]

  • Hi

    3 years ago I met a girl. She was amazing, made me feel good about myself again so 6 months later we were married.

    I started piecing together some things, I started to notice some of her stories never […]

  • i have this obsession with wanting to see my wife have passionate sex with another man. In the fantasy she is very hot and aroused and wants to make passionate love with the guy. He in turn is extremely turned on […]

  • I have live 32 years with a horrible man, I have wish him to die so many times, that is the only way to end it peacefully he is the most idiot human being on the planet, thank God I got out of the bedroom a few […]

  • I have been married to my husband for 28 years, and for many of those years he was having an affair with another (married) woman. After all has been said and done, we are consciously repairing the damage done, and […]

  • Hi I’ve been married 20 years to whom I thought was a gorgeous, generous loving man until I found a bank statement of his, which showed him booking hotels on the nights he said he was working away. He confessed […]

  • OK married for 24 years, i was 20 he was 25. iam now 44 have three great children 19 17 14. we both have good jobs, both slim to average build, and live in a lovely house 2 cars 2 holidays per year. etc etc. You […]

  • guest wrote a new post, Bad Attitude 2 months ago

    My husband is not well. He has bad arthritis n takes lots of meds. He had to stop working 2 yes ago.. His SS ck is a joke. Not his fault.
    I have to pull the weight. It makes it so difficult on me.
    He complains […]

  • We have been married almost 25 years. The last 20 I’ve tried everything to get my husband to do anything or just go for a ride, something. All he every wants to do is watch TV with his face buried in a laptop or […]

  • I hate him. He curse me. He cruse every body on the road. In 17 years of marrage I could count the times he made love to me on one hand. He does not provide for me or never did. He yells at me all the time and im […]

  • My wife and i separated a year a go and i up and left to Kentucky, reason i left was the way she was treating me,in front of friends and family,no matter what i did ti try to make her haopy it was never enough,any […]

  • We are.married for 5 years now.
    In.the start of the marriage my cooking and house care wasn’t that great now it improved drastically
    We have one child and has been taking lots of my time and energy.
    In the past […]

  • guest wrote a new post, Abusive 3 months ago

    My husband gave all our savings away to his so called friends,tells me to drop dead and die,expects me to clean up his his dirty bed and settee after he were it,be at home at his beck and call,he don’t work but […]

  • I had to take hormones to stop bleeding and I swelled up like 9 mos pregnancy.
    My husband of 40 years decided he didn’t love me anymore. He wanted sexy and skinny well guess what the hormones were stopped and I […]

  • Ive been reading the posts. All say hate, I dont hate my husband I’m just not sure if he has given up or figures the marrige isnt worth the effort?
    We have been married 6 yrs now. I love being married, as far as […]

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