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What to do with a liar and cheat?
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21 March

What to do with a liar and cheat?

I have been married for 4 years now and it started off great. Right before we got married I found out he was married before but he had told me they had no kid's together. I was upset that he was not honest with me but I married him anyways. In that first year one of are co-workers had mentioned to me that he had kids. So when I asked him about it he denied it and said they were not his biological kids that he met her and she had already had them. The 2nd year we were married I we decided to file
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Angry with my husband…

My husband and I are going through extreme growing pains and I am afraid we will not survive. He has always had an issue with respecting my opinions and feelings and things just seem to be getting worse. These days my husband can be very difficult. A lot of times I give in because it is easier to pacify him than to argue with him. In the beginning of our relationship he was a lot different. Since we have been together a while - he is getting progressively worse and I can not reason with
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