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If your husband makes $75,000 per year and you make $20,000 per year should you still be expected to contribute 50% to paying the household bills?

Should both people in the relationship be expected pay 50% of the household bill regardless if one person makes considerably more money than the other? Or should it be split according to how much each person makes where the person making the most money has to put the most towards the household bills?
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Marriage money problem – husband spends on jewelry for himself
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18 July

Marriage money problem – husband spends on jewelry for himself

My husband is always spending money on jewelry for himself. He likes a lot of gold chains and gold bracelets and gold rings. I gave up hoping he'll stop wearing these things. I hate to see him in them. I think he looks like a pimp but he apparently thinks he looks good. He's 54. He never buys me jewelry by the away, and he's always pawning his jewelry for what I don't know but he's always pawning them and then we're in financial problems because he's always having to take money out of his pay ch
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