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I’m the nagging wife…
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24 July

I’m the nagging wife…

Writing this because I need an outlet…. My husband says all I do is complain and bitch at him and I’m always negative. I’ve never seen myself this way, and...
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bitch bitch bitch, oh yeah and bitch some more!
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27 June

bitch bitch bitch, oh yeah and bitch some more!

Im a 27 year old disabled father of 21 month old twins! Boy and girl! There about the only love and joy I get outta life anymore, because there mother just complains about every damn thing imaginable! It starts right from the minute I get up! She works, and I can't, and the days she's gone to work are the days I like alot, cause its just the kids and I home by ourselves and Is nice and peaceful! WghWhat should I do, for her to chill out a bit?
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Posted by on 11 January

its like it never ends

Im glad im not alone…i sometimes just want to grab her and scream as loud as i can SHUT THE F%#$ UP!! Its like she is constantly making mountains out...
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Posted by on 26 November

Holy sh*t this is my life

I can’t believe what I’m reading I’m all to familiar with this my wifeis ungrateful all she do is bitch bbitch and complain my first marriage and will definitely be...
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