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Affair – oral sex
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22 December

Affair – oral sex

Well about 3 years ago I caught my husband lying then he said he chooses me then he started wanting me to perform oral sex when we've been married 15 years and never was an issue now he wants me to have oral sex every day and I'm just not willing to as my jaw hurts and I really don't like to do this and never did the past 15 years now he's getting mad at me and says fine then no sex at all just not fair I'm trying to keep my family together we have a 17 year old and 11 year old I really just fin
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Posted by on 10 February

My husband and I keep fighting all the time about how I won’t give him a blow job. Will he leave me if i don’t give him oral?

I'm worried my husband will leave me because I don't want to perform fellatio on him. I don't want to put a penis in my mouth. I don't feel right doing it. It makes me sick even thinking about it. I'm just not okay with it but my husband can't accept that and we keep fighting about it. He keeps saying if I really loved him I'd want to do it.
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