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Posted by on 07 June

I dont love him anymore

We have been married for 13 years and from day one I knew it was doomed. However, bcuz of church and our three children I stayed. Off and on I have strayed but recently I find out I'm pregnant with another man's baby. I'm in love with this man but we wont ever be together becuz of our current setup. Just wanna leave but dont want to completely crush my husband. Not angry abt the baby, just need a way to tell my husband and leave.
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Posted by on 07 April

will child get my name?

a married friend and i became more than just friends and had sex. she told her husband and they decided to stay together and try to work past her mistake but after a month, he filed for divorce and so her and i got together. she became pregnant with me and 12 weeks into it she decided to go back to her husband before their divorce hearing occured and wants to try again to work it out with him. im devastated that this child will take on her husbands last name and i will not see my child very much
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